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For expediency, Heartland Nannies Agency will be referred to as HNA.

Hours and Job Description : Typical nanny jobs require the nanny to be on duty 50-60 hours per week, allowing for reasonable flexibility, and then 60 hrs. justified only by an unusually long commute time. No more than 8 nights of babysitting (or its equivalent, like ½ day Saturday) shall be expected in a 4-week period, and must be included in the 60-hour limit. Any childcare requested over that limit, or on the nanny's days/time off, must be mutually negotiated at or above the current rate for the area. If the nanny has full charge, (24 hrs.) in the parent's absence, the family shall add a half-day's pay for each 24-hour day worked, or give comparable time off.

The nanny's workday is interspersed with childcare and light housekeeping duties (interpreted to mean keeping all children's areas, meal preparation areas, and bathroom clean.) It can also include light dusting and vacuuming, doing the children's laundry, putting it away, and cooking for the children. The nanny may be asked to transport the children and run errands. Individual families can indicate other tasks, but they must be specified and in writing, as part of their HNA application and family/nanny contract. Housekeeping tasks will always be secondary to childcare. Nanny will have 30 to 60 minutes of uninterrupted personal "break time" during the day, to be worked out as per individual schedules allow. Nanny off-time activities/hours shall not be allowed to interfere negatively with her duties or her responsibilities to the family.

Salary: Salary offered is based on fair market value for a nanny in the area where the family resides. (There are some regional differences) The families sign a contract with HNA agreeing to review the nanny for raises, bonuses and "perks". (Obviously, the nanny needs to be performing well in order to expect these!) "Perks" could be in the form of paying part of all of nanny's phone bill or health insurance, membership in a health club, paying tuition for a college class, theatre or airline tickets, beauty shop appointments, etc. (Anything given to nanny that has a dollar value in lieu of a raise should be appreciated!) If the nanny babysits for friends of the family, no matter at whose home, the 2nd family will pay the nanny an hourly wage that is standard in the area for that number of children. ("Play dates" that the nanny supervises do not qualify, providing the children go over to someone else's home periodically where they are supervised by another mother or nanny). In the event the family will be gone with the children for an extended period, they may ask the nanny to do substitute "house/pet sitting" and/or mutually agreed upon re-organizing or office work may also be substituted; however her salary must continue.

Transportation: Hiring family will advance the cost of the nanny's transportation to the job. Employers agree to pay nanny's return transportation on the condition s/he fulfills the contract period. If, before that time, s/he quits without just cause or is fired for just cause, s/he loses the privilege of having the return fare paid by the family. If s/he quits for just cause, the employing family is still responsible for the return fare. If, by mutual consent, the nanny and the family choose to dissolve the contract, the family will pay a pro-rated portion, based on the length of employment: the nanny will pay the balance. HNA DOES NOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY TRANSPORTATION COSTS OF THE NANNY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!

Health insurance: Unless family offers it as an added benefit, employee shall be responsible for her own insurance. (HNA can provide information on a nanny health insurance carrier).

Car Insurance: If employee is to drive the family car, employer shall carry the appropriate insurance coverage on it. In the event of an accident, should the nanny be found legally to be at fault, the family may ask her to pay up to one/half (1/2) the deductible amount.

Personal Use of Car: This is a negotiable part of the Family/Nanny contract, to be mutually agreed upon. If nanny should bring her own car and it is used in transporting the children, she shall keep accurate records and family will pay mileage at the current IRS rate at the end of each month. In lieu of close record keeping, the family may give her a gas allowance and pay for her car insurance.

Phone: Unless family offers it as an added benefit, employee shall be responsible for her own long distance charges. For the nanny's long distance phone charges covering the last month of employment, the client has the right to withhold employee's last week's pay until the phone bill for that month comes in. The client may deduct those phone charges from that check and then promptly send the employee the balance. HNA DOES NOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY PHONE CHARGES ACCRUED BY THE NANNY. In the case of a cell phone that is provided, the nanny will be responsible for an "overage" charges of the chosen plan, providing she's the only one that uses it.

Sick days: The employee is entitled to five (5) sick days per year.

Holidays: The employee is entitled to at least 6 paid holidays (days are negotiable, but generally would include New Years, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.) Many families will also include the nanny's birthday.

Vacation: After 4-6 months, employee is entitled to one week paid personal vacation (Thereby allowing the nanny to be able to visit home for Christmas or Easter). After the next 4-6 months, employee is entitled to a second week paid personal vacation. This is in addition to any vacation on which s/he accompanies the family. Any additional terms will be spelled out in individual family/nanny contract.

Termination: The family may not eject the nanny from their home without a 2-week notice, unless the nanny has endangered the safety of the children, or there is a undeniable proof of theft or drug abuse.

Retainer: A $100.00 retainer is required to start the placement process. The retainer is non-refundable, and helps to cover our phone charges, copying, mailing, faxing, and overnight letters.

Fee: When the client makes a firm offer and the applicant accepts, the EMPLOYING FAMILY will inform HNA immediately. To save .10% (ten percent), check must be postmarked or fee paid by credit card within 48 hours of the nanny accepting the job offer (making the total fee $1,800.00). The client may deduct .05% (five percent) by paying the fee in FULL on or before the nanny's first working day (making the total fee $1,900.00). Or the client can send 50% (One half) of the placement fee: $1000.00, when the offer is made and accepted. The balance of the placement fee, $1000.00, is due in the office of HNA no later then 20 (twenty) days after the employees first day of work. If not received by that date, HNA will charge the full amount to the client's credit card given in the CLIENT PROFILE. Any money paid in advance is REFUNDABLE if nanny fails to commence work and a suitable placement is not found. In order to receive the highest (10%) discount, family must immediately confirm with Heartland Nannies the nanny's verbal acceptance of their position. The "48 hour" time frame begins with that call, and at that point it will be mutually understood between client, agency & nanny that we will no longer send that nanny's profile to other potential families.

The client leaves it up to the discretion of HNA as to the most expedient manner in which to transmit the nanny profiles. The total fee, $2,000.00, is prorated to be worth $167.00 a month, for purposes of a contract, the duration of which is less than one (1) year (twelve months). The terms of a shorter contract must be agreed upon BEFORE the nanny arrives. If the contract period is for less than one year, and the nanny chooses to stay with the employing family for a longer period than the original agreement, the employing family will promptly pay HNA the difference in fee, up to the maximum of a full year contract. The family agrees that should they employ any candidate referred by HNA within 2 (two) years from the date of this agreement, they will be bound by the terms of this agreement and liable for the payment of the full placement fee. The same applies if a "short term" or "summer nanny" returns at a later date to commence another contract. If the nanny stays beyond the one-year contract, HNA will NOT access any further charges. (In thanks, the agency requests that the family act as a future reference for HNA, either in the form of a written endorsement or by taking occasional phone calls regarding the agency.

Guarantee: If for any reason the placement does not work out within 90 (ninety) days, or ¼ (one-forth) of the contract period, whichever is less, HNA will make ONE FREE REPLACEMENT. The agency must be notified before ¼ (one-forth) of the contract period is up. HNA MUST be given the opportunity to speak with both parties concerning the dissolution of the employer-employee work agreement. There must not have been ANY BREACH, ETHICALLY OR MORALLY, of the nanny's integrity by any member of the employing family. The guarantee is contingent on the HNA fee being paid on time. (In our office no later then 20 days after the nanny's first day of work). If ENTIRE FEE IS NOT RECEIVED WITHIN THIS PERIOD, THE GUARANTEE WILL BE NULL AND VOID. If the nanny leaves between the 4th and 6th months, HNA will charge 2/3 (two-thirds) the fee to find a replacement, however, this starts an all new one-year contract with a NEW GUARANTEE. If the nanny leaves after the last day of the 6th (sixth) month, HNA will charge a new, full year fee to find a replacement.

HNA endeavors to protect the privacy of our clients in every way. Family profiles will be sent solely to those candidates whom you have informed the agency that you are considering.

Should a client family falsify, omit, or provide misleading information which would negatively impact the mental, physical or emotional well-being of the nanny, the HNA guarantee and will be NULL and VOID.

HNA selects and introduces candidates to the employers and assists in administration of the hiring process, but it is understood that the employer makes the final decision.

The client family agrees NOT to share the name, address, or phone number with any other individual-unless that individual is already registered with HNA, and with the agency's full knowledge. If you violate this provision by introducing the applicant and/or file to a third party, who in turn hires the applicant, you will be liable for the placement fee of said applicant. Should we institute suit to enforce this provision, you will be liable for our court costs and all attorney fees as well.

If the client family opens, then closes it's file with HNA, having seen candidate profiles, said family agrees NOT to go back and hire or attempt to hire a Heartland domestic whom they reviewed earlier without the knowledge and explicit consent of HNA.

Further, the client hereby releases and discharges HNA, it's directors, officers and agents, from any and all liability to them for any action taken, or omitted to be taken, occurring as a result of a person placed in their home by HNA, unless it can be proven that the agency was negligent in it's screening procedure.

We, the undersigned, understand and agree to the preceding stipulations.


Father (No profiles sent without signature!)
Mother (No profiles sent without signature!)

Tia McGuire / HNA President

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