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Put Your Trust In Us!
Families like us because we offer...
  • Placement Fees of $2,000
  • Payment Discounts of 5 - 10%
  • Generous Nanny Replacement Guarantee
  • Our screening procedures are very comprehensive. The hiring family sees the complete profile on each candidate.
  • Available nights and weekends!

  • Heartland Nannies Agency has been in business since 1987. The Agency has made over a thousand nanny placements . . . with a 85%-95% success rate!

  • We'll work harder than most to find the best nanny for your family's particular situation and needs. We strive to make the best possible match for you.

  • The Agency's search takes us all over the United States, specializing in Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Colorado. Personal interviews are conducted whenever possible, otherwise the interviews are done over the phone.

  • The Guarantee to the hiring families is generous, so that in case a placement doesn't work out, the family is assured of a quality replacement.

  • We recruit on college campuses, in phone books and on the Internet, but word-of-mouth referrals have been very good to us too!

  • We can help nannies find a group Health Insurance Policy.

  • Part of our support network includes "Peer Nannies" and "Safe Homes" in most of the areas where we place.

  • We send the nannies lists of other nannies in your area, up-dated as necessary, to help them acclimate to the area and make new friends.

The Screening Procedure!
A complete profile on a prospective live-in nanny can exceed 30 pages! The hiring family's profile can often reach 15 pages. References are carefully checked on both, and both parties exchange paperwork and pictures, so as to better understand each other and to clarify the job description. The Agency conducts a driver's record search along with checking the various law enforcement agencies. And, at the client-family's request, and for a slightly higher fee, one or more psychological job/personality tests may be added to better refine the matching process! Tia periodically conducts workshops and attends Job Fairs in addition to other recruiting procedures. She and her interview consultants meet the candidate whenever possible. Video interviews may soon be an additional option.
They'll Keep In Touch!
With an office in her home, Tia is very accessible, both during the job-search and after placement. The Agency provides lists of other home-helpers hired through Heartland, and assists in getting the newly hired acquainted with the area and with those who have been there before. Periodically The Agency will send out newsletters with tips and topics concerning children, which includes recipes, crafts and activity ideas.

We accept
We accept Visa, Mastecard, American Express and Discover!
"Small enough to care,
large enough to offer many choices!"


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